Rather than trying to do everything well, we decided to just do a few things brilliantly.

Information Security Consulting Services

In addition to our core products & solutions, we also offer Bespoke Solutions to the clients depending upon their need against level of exposure and mitigation landscape. We undertake Bespoke Solution development under a consulting mode that may span between 1-6 months.

The solutions include :

Strategic Information Security Policy Development & Implementation

To deal with Information Security, strategy plays an important part. It is proven that strategy drives by almost 80% and remaining 20% are implementation. We assist client organization in planning information security depending on the nature of business and build a detailed road map for information security program by covering 360 degree asst periphery. While positioning the wise Security program, we also help in technical implementation.

Standards & Process Implementation

Most of the Security standards have their management system to guide the implementation program. We assist clients to develop customized processes according to their needs but complying with those standards. Currently our expertise include in developing compliance program for ISO 27001, PCI-DSS and HIPPA

Advance Malware Analysis & Mitigation

Today's malwares are more advanced and anytime it may bring attack on important business assets. Sometimes abnormal behavior of the system affected with malware can be detected through abnormal events but sometimes they are not and this is the reason that manual intervention becomes necessary. It is quite true that millions of system runs on the internet with malwares without having detected and by the time they are detected, it had already caused the damage.
Early detection and treatment thereby stands critical for any such inadvertent situations. It is important to have a closure look on the traffic behavior and asset maintenance. However, with advance system like SIEM, organization can detect abnormal behaviors early because of the interoperability that SIEM brings with other detection tools. With SIEM or without SIEM, depending on the incident type and problems faced, we help identifying malware presence that may stays dormant at file system or active in memory.

Vulnerability Analysis & Penetration Testing

VA/PT has become essential to know the security weaknesses that may present in a network, asset or application. While without penetration, expose of vulnerability does not mean anything, we often use VA/PT as a complementing terms. We conduct these tests remotely on network, assets or applications with the consent of management.

3rd party Security Auditing (Application/OS/Network)

3rd Party security audits stands vital in assessing any IT environment with independent view point. Sometimes this also becomes a need for conformity assessment process and becoming certified by agencies. We act as an independent consultants and can conduct process and system audits to help achieving conformity standards for Information Security. A set of identification, gaps and remedial measures are shared with Client organization to close non conformance.

Business Continuity Planning (BCP)

Businesses of any size need a continuity plan for years. Business Continuity are often the outcome of Risks associated with the business and how those risks are managed and mitigated will direct the need of BCP implementation. A BCP can also be a Plan B for business if Plan A does not work and thereby sufficient budget allocation to BCP programs are important for satisfactory results. We assist in conducting detailed Risk Assessment for the businesses before initiating BCP.