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Integrated Healthcare Framework

InorQ introduces country's first integrated healthcare delivery framework to centralize the all delivery components under a single platform. The delivery framework consists of vertical and horizontal market as below:


Healthcare facilities to common citizens thorough ICT by binging facilities at the door step of the patient.

Mission Objectives

To Bring high Quality Healthcare for under Privileged Population.

To Help Organizing the Medical Practice System.

To Publicize the Medical Facilities to Common Man.

To Help use of Information and Technology to Solve Problems.

To Reduce Costs of Medical Care.

Stake Holders

Needs & Expectations

Doctors and other care givers and facilitators

Improved clinical outcomes, improved diagnosis and treatment, rapid facilitating and showcasing


Improved patients' experience, availability reduced waiting time, service realization


Business process automation, cost containment, Profitability, service focus, increased productivity and quality and outcomes improvement

Regulatory Agencies

Reduced risks and improved patient safety


Mainstream Medical Delivery

Professional Medical Consulting

Pharmaceutical Services

Hospital Services

Medical Services

Alternative Medical Delivery

Consulting Framework



Facilitates Advance Medical Care

Compliant to HIPPA

Bliss for Patients suffering from chronic Diseases. Reduced scope for Medical tourism Needs.

Service layer for life Sciences Companies to Showcase their Inventions.

Reduced Scope of Incidental Expenses for Better Medical Care

Very high Geographical Reach

Alternative Practices for Elderly Care

Can Proliferate Patient to Doctor Ratio

Advantage of Utilizing Global Healthcare Facilities

Complete Patient Management/ Appointment and Practice Management

Availability for Health Agents to Expedite the Patient Care

Peer Grooming and can Benefit starters in Healthcare Practice